SOS School

SOS School ia a student initiative with the goal of helping primary school children in Luxembourg in their scholarly endeavours following the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Being a co-founder of the initiative, I took on multiple roles and responsabilities within the project:




Being the only code literate person in our team, it was my responsability to create and maintain the project homepage,

Because I was still relatively new to Web Development at the beginning of the project, I spent a lot of time experimenting in order to see what works. Once I started gaining experience, I was able to make better decisions, which often led to me taking two steps back and completely rethinking the architecture of the site.

After countless iterations, I have arrived at something that I feel fulfills the requirements of the site. The final tech stack is React, Next.js, and Tailwind, and it leverages Next.js' inbuilt internationalised routing to make the page accessible to the panoply of ethnicities of the People of Luxembourg.

The source code for the site can be found on GitHub.

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