Find the Polygon

A Game of Dimensions

Find the Polygon is an educational browser game that explores the concept of spatial dimensions by letting the player interact with the cross-sections of various geometric shapes. I created the game for the 2020 Luxembourg Tech School Game Development Challenge.

About the Game

The aim of the game is to discover various 2D polygons hidden in cross-sections of 3D polyhedra. To achieve this, one must rotate and displace each polyhedron so that it fits the final cross-section.

Find The Polygon – Gameplay of Level 2

As the game progressively becomes harder, with more complicated shapes and more difficult starting rotations.

Find The Polygon – Gameplay of Level 3


Feel free to give the game a try. I have compiled it to WebGL, so you can run it in your browser.

Source Code

The compiled WebGL source code is available on GitHub. Sadly, I have lost the original source code.

Last updated: 10/3/2021

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