Find the Polygon

Find the Polygon is a browser game that teaches about different spatial dimensions through interaction with cross-sections of objects. I created it in the context of the 2020 Luxembourg Tech School Game Development Challenge, in which the game received the 10th place.

About the Game

The aim of the game is to discover various 2D polygons hidden in cross-sections of 3D polyhedra. To achieve this, one must rotate and displace each polyhedron so that it fits the final cross-section.

Find The Polygon – Gameplay of Level 2

As the game progressively becomes harder, with more complicated shapes and more difficult starting rotations.

Find The Polygon – Gameplay of Level 3


Feel free to give the game a try. I have compiled it to WebGL, meaning it can run in your browser.

Source Code

The compiled WebGL source code is available on GitHub. Sadly, I have lost the original source code.

Last updated: 9/22/2021

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