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Make® Conversations is a web-based project I worked on during my time as a student developer at Make®, a danish creative consultancy.

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Make® Conversations Site


One big win was performance. By using modern technologies for the site, I was able to significantly improve the loading performance of the site, a metric which is critical for a great user experience. Looking at Lighthouse audits, the Time To Interactive (TTI), one of the most important core performance metrics, went down from 11.1s to 2.4s – a 4x improvement.

Another big win was accessibility (a11y). While the changes were mostly small and easy to make, such as unblocking the blocked visual scaling, they can potentially have a huge impact on visitors of the site who need these features to use it.

All in all, my time at Make® was a fantastic experience. It was fun and interesting, and it also led me to grow in many ways.

Lessons Learned

It was my first time working at a consultancy, and I learned a great deal from the experience.

One big lesson I learned was to adapt. Make was stuck on a legacy system, but, naïve as I was, I decided to develop the new site using the modern tooling I was used to at the time. Looking back on this decision, however, I realise my attempt to port their existing setup to modern infrastructure was premature, as the disparity between the different configurations resulted in more problems than simply sticking with the existing setup. Going forward, I will bear in mind to walk the middle ground – make improvements wherever possible while also taking into consideration the organisational tradeoffs of any changes I make.

Another lesson I have taken onboard is stress management. There was a technical issue when it came to launching the site, and I was unable to fix it. With a deadline to meet, I became increasingly stressed to the point that I found myself worrying about the issue even outside of work hours. However, once I became aware of the extent to which worry was occupying my mind, I was able to deal with it much better.

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