Featured Project

The First Martian

A Game about Space Exploration

Blender / Unity / C#

Featured Project

Find The Polygon

A Game of Dimensions. Manipulate a 3D object from a 2D point of view and discover hidden shaped inside.

Unity / C#

Featured Project

Markdown Paper

Write scientific papers in Markdown and generate a PDF or TeX file from your paper. (command line tool)

Unix Shell (sh & ksh) / Homebrew

Featured Project

SOS School Luxembourg

An initiative to help primary school children in Luxembourg catch up with school after CoViD-19


Featured Project


Collaborative product of a hackathon. It is a platform designed to aid students in discovering their professional orientation.

Sapper / Svelte / JavaScript / CSS / HTML

Featured Project

My Personal Website

The website you are currently on. This is version 2 of my personal website.

Next.js / React / TailwindCSS