The First Martian

An Indie Space Exploration Game

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The First Martian is an Indie Space Exploration Game. It is a team project created for the 2019 Luxembourg Tech School Game Development Competition, in which our team received the 1st prize.

About the Game

The game is bears a certain similar to Thrust, a 1986 video game. The objective is to navigate a spaceship from the launch platform to the landing platform. The first level starts out simple, with only one rock to navigate around.


As the levels progress, there are increasing amounts of obstacles to be avoided.

The spaceship also has a limited fuel supply. Therefore, the player needs to collect fuel tanks along their way.

When the player reaches the landing platform, and lands smoothly enough, the level is cleared. The player is then greeted with the following screen:

Level Complete

Even if the player succeeds in completing all six levels, they may still incur a total loss in funds if the lives of too many astronauts are lost. In order to win the game, all six levels must be completed without a single loss of life.

If too many lives are lost, you lose.

Game Over


If you wish to give the game a try, check out the WebGL version. Sadly, an installable version of the game is not available. Of course, you are welcome to build one yourself from source.

Source Code

On GitHub, you can find both the original source code and the compiled WebGL source code.

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